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Are You Missing Important Accounting Dates?

August 8, 2012

We all like to think that we are in the know about what forms need to be submitted when, especially when it comes to our taxes. Yet it is possible to get sidetracked and lose tracks of dates.

So if you would like to rely on more than your accountant to keep you abreast of important accounting dates, then here are some that we strongly suggest adding to your calendar.


  • 31st – First self assessment payment due for previous accounting year
    – Capital Gains tax payment for previous accounting year
    – Last day to file Tax Return online for previous accounting year


  • 1st – £100 penalty if previous years Tax Return has not yet been filed


  • 31st – End of Corporation Tax financial year

Note: Chancellor will announce the Budget during this month which is usually around the 21st, but this is liable to change depending on what day of the week it falls on.


  • 5th – End of Fiscal Year
  • 6th – First day of Tax Year
  • 30th – Annual adjustments for VAT partial exemption calculations


  • 1st – Start of daily penalties for Tax Returns not yet filed for previous tax year
  • 19th – Last day to submit your P14, P35, P38 and P38A for previous tax years PAYE returns
  • 31st – Latest date to provide P60s to each of your employees for the previous tax year


  • 6th – Filing deadline for Expenses & Benefits forms P11D (B), P9D and P11D to reach HMRC
  • 31st – Tax Payable Second Instalment


  •  30th –  Submission of Personal Tax returns of directors, if any underpayment of tax is to be collected through PAYE


  • 31st – Final day to submit 2012 Tax Returns on paper

Please note that these dates are only a sample of the numerous dates which may apply to you i.e. we haven’t included the submission of P46 forms for your car on this list. However what we have provided should give you a basic idea of all the important dates you need to be aware of.

Other than that, we strongly recommend speaking to an accountant who can clearly outline all the exact dates which will apply to your business. With their help you can ensure that you never miss a deadline.

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